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Easy Sprout Sprouter, No BPA; Easy Sprout Keeper, No BPA; Gardens At Our Fingertips book

EASY-SPROUT™(Inner Container, Outer Container, Dome, Vented Lid, Solid Lid, and Alfalfa Insert) – Our complete sprouting system.

Sprout Keeper™ (Inner & Outer Containers + Vented Lid) sprouts all but the smallest seeds (like Alfalfa and Sesame). Handy for storing finished sprouts in the refrigerator.

Try our book, Gardens At Our Fingertips, filled with sprout recipes and growing tips in a 5½" x 8½" plastic-coil-bound book – 141 pages + references and index.

*NOTE: When selecting a regular Easy-Sprout Sprouter you may select Unboxed, which lowers the price 50¢ per unit. We also offer quantity discounts. Thank you for your interest in the Easiest Sprouter Ever.

Easy-Sprout Sprouter

$14.95/ 1 unit

Easy-Sprout Sprouter, Case/ 2

$29.00/ 2 units

Easy-Sprout Sprouter, Case/ 3

$39.00/ 3 units

Easy-Sprout Sprouter, Case/ 6

$72.00/ 6 units

Easy-Sprout Sprouter, Case/ 12

$138.00/ 12 units

Sprout Keeper

$10.95/ 1 unit

Sprout Keeper, 3 Pack

$30.00/ 3 units

Gardens At Our Fingertips

$17.95/ 1 book

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