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I bought three of your sprouters ... and they are awesome! I have four more on order for friends and family... Everyone should have one of these! - Vancouver, BC Canada

Your EASY-SPROUT is an ingenious invention. - Eugene, OR

The sprouter works beautifully. - Hereford, TX

It's wonderful! - Weston, CT

We have now tried this sprouter and find it to be excellent. - Suffolk, England

I love your sprouter. - Lewisburg, PA

Your sprouter really takes the hassle out of sprouting compared to the other methods that are used. - McAllen, TX

I'd really like to buy about ten of them! I'm really sold on it!...I want more for myself and for friends! - Milwaukee, WI

I would like to order six EASY-SPROUT...I have one EASY-SPROUT and it works just so well that I want to do all my sprouting via your method. - New Palestine, IN

Despite initial skepticism, I was very amazed and pleased by its performance. - Belleville, WI

I have an Easysprout sprouter and I really like it. It is so easy to make sprouts. - Camanche, IA

Several months ago I purchased an Easysprout. I went back to purchase another but they no longer carry it...I found it worked very well. I hope I can get another. - Spring Green, WI

I use the sprouter constantly and think it is great. - South Holland, IL

I am enjoying EASY-SPROUT a great deal; it's a marvelous invention and very much appreciated by me! - Anderson, IN

I purchased one of your EASYSPROUTERS on a recent trip back east. I think it's the finest sprouter I've ever used, and I've used several over the years. I would like to purchase six (6) more. - San Mateo, CA

I'd like to order another (possibly two) "EASY-SPROUT"...THESE ARE GREAT LITTLE ITEMS! - Iowa City, IA

I hope you're still making them. They're great. - Mankato, MN

Good idea, these Easy-Sprouters... Please send me 3 more. - Burtonsville, MD

I received the easy-sprout. I think I am going to love using it---So enclosed is an order for 3 more. - Cushing, OK

I received my Easysprout as a birthday gift. I've been unable to find your wonderful product in this area; and I've searched intensively, as I'd like to give them as gifts to other sprout fans. Again I want to tell you of my satisfaction with your ingeniously effective and well-designed product. My kudos to Gene Monson! - Allentown, NJ

Your sprouters are great. I just love them. - Corpus Christi, TX

They are great! I already have 6! (On order for 3 more.) - Burtonsville, MD

Hooray! Yahoo! I have such conviction about every single thing you have said in this presentation! Only thing stopping me from ordering a case right away is "dynamic" income - but stay tuned! Thank you! Amo, amat, amas! (RE: The SPROUTAMO SOLUTION - order for 3 units.) - Baltimore, MD

I like my sprouter. I took it to the bird club with me and we decided to order some for the club...It takes much less time and work to produce a crop of bird food which is always a big plus when taking care of a large parrot. - Ann Arbor, MI

Thank you for the three sprouters. I am really amazed at how quickly and cleanly it works! I will share this with a friend who is trying to find an easy way to eat more healthfully...I may order again , especially if my friend is interested. Thanks again for getting me back on the health track! - Marstons Mills, MA

I learned how to grow long alfalfa sprouts including getting rid of all hulls using this sprouter!! No muss no fuss. - Fayette, OH

No Rinse at first didn't sound right but I decided to give it a try. I'm sure glad I did...Since your invention, I think all the jars, trays, baskets, bags, and automatic electronic sprouters I have are obsolete. - Perkins, OK

Please send me order forms for the Sproutamo. I have some people who are interested in ordering some. Thanks. I have two; love them. - Watkins, CO

Now, we are using your EASY SPROUT. We love very much! - Schizuoka, Japan

Sprouters arrived yesterday. I loaded them up and had sprouts today!!! Great little sprouters! I love them. Thanks for sending them right away. Check is in the mail. - Shiner, Texas

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